Digital Fabrication

The Artworks Foundry staff specializes in a suite of CAD and CAM software.


We can help carry  your ideas from start to completion, developing and optimizing your 3D models for FDM & SLA 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and CNC milling & machining.

James Stewart


Peter Voulkos



After molds are made of a sculpture, the molds are coated with an even layer of molten wax. Once hardened, the wax undergoes a chasing process, where details are cleaned up.


The wax copy is then sprued with a treelike wax structure that acts as a channel for the molten bronze to flow through, eventually filling up all the areas that are currently set in wax.

Mildred Howard


Judy McKie

Cat Bench - email II


Our world-renowned patina department offers hundreds of colors and patterns, leading the industry with their application of sculptural effects.

View our patina samples.

Bruce Wolfe

Thomas Schomberg


Equipped with all the latest technologies, Artworks Foundry thrives on even the most challenging fabrication projects.


Our talented staff are trained to ensure the integrity, quality, and longevity of each project throughout the fabrication process.



Nathan Oliveira

Artworks Foundry has been serving artists around the world since 1976 and has been steadily growing ever since.

In recent years, the foundry has doubled in size with the opening of a second production facility.

Artworks Foundry is among the nation's leading fabricators in the production & restoration of bronze sculptures, reliefs, and monuments.

Our 40 years experience in the industry has taught us that trust between artist and fabricator is paramount.

Over the years, we have proudly fostered countless decade-long client relationships.

At Artworks Foundry we make sure you have the very best tools and people to make your dreams a reality.

We even provide living accommodations and studio space for clients to complete their work.


Michael Parkes

We believe that it takes an artist to know an artist. 

That is why we have outfitted our staff with talented artists who will treat your work with the same care and respect as they would their own