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Artworks Foundry

About the Foundry

Artworks Foundry, located in Berkeley, California, is among the nation's leading foundries for the production and restoration of bronze sculptures, reliefs and monuments. Artworks Foundry has served over 2000 artists in projects ranging from the miniature to the monumental. Many of the nation's premier sculptors choose Artworks because of its unsurpassed experience, highest technology, quality, and professionalism.

Today, Artworks has an additional building located in Richmond, CA and takes on large scale projects for a long list of clients including municipalities, corporations, museums, foundations, foreign countries and many state and federal agencies. The company is actively sought after for its expertise in restoration, monumental castings, structural systems and patination (coloration).

For any information or service inquiries call (510) 644-2735 or e-mail info@artworksfoundry.com.

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