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Awf Video

Artworks Foundry World

Discover the amazing world behid the bronze. Watch our work, people and process at Artworks Foundry.

Stephanie Metz Video

The Lost Wax Process

Video made by artist Stephanie Metz. In this video she explains the Lost Wax process which her piece Batrachian Frogman was cast at Artworks Foundry.

Parkes Video

Michael Parkes mentions Artworks Foundry

In this video Michael Parkes tells about the moment he first worked with Artworks Foundry and personally introduces his newest collection of sculptures.

Michael Parkes Collection Video

Michael Parkes New Sculptures Collection

Michael Parkes' s new collection. All pieces have been cast at Artworks Foundry: "Moonstruck" - "Angel of August" - "See No Evil" - Isabella and Bella" - "Night Flight" - "Bella".

Moonlight Poor Video

Moonlight Pour (Bronze Casting)

The pouring of liquid bronze (heated to over 2000 degrees in an underground furnace) into heated ceramic molds. At the Artworks Foundry in Berkeley, CA on 6/12/2010.