Artworks Foundry


As a young man, Piero Mussi, born in Piacenza, Italy, learned the ancient art of ‘lost wax casting’ by working with the best foundry masters in his country. After moving to Northern California, in 1975, with little savings but an extensive knowledge of the subject, Piero finally started his own business and could carry on the traditions of expertise he had learned from his Italian mentors.

As the Foundry grew, the company took on more staff to meet increasing demands, and each employee brought valuable experience and skills to the craft. With hard work and tireless dedication, Piero and his staff made the Foundry into the highly renowned establishment that it is today.

After nearly 35 years of experience in the market, the ideals on which the Artworks Foundry was built - respect for the integrity of original artwork, working hard to meet deadlines, and excellent communication with clients - remain the same.