Artworks Foundry


At Artworks Foundry, we like to take things a few steps further. Strategic partner alliances allow us to combine old world craftsmanship with cutting edge technology.

Each project begins by using an aerospace quality 3D optical scanner. Simply put, 3D scanning is a fast and accurate method of acquiring the physical measurements of an object in the computer. But a 3D scanner alone is not a solution and the devil is in the details. Next, the high-resolution 3D file is sent on to a CNC machine that mills a perfect foam replica at the desired size. Length, width, height, feature size & location, etc. are all duplicated at the correct scale. After that, a thin layer of clay is placed over the foam to receive the artist’s final details and texture.

If the intent is for reduction, Artworks provides 3D printing services that can reproduce even the smallest detail with astounding accuracy. But we don’t stop there. Our facility is also equipped to provide clients with accommodations and studio space to work on their piece until it is complete. At Artworks Foundry, we make sure that you have the very best tools, and people, at your disposal to create memorable and award winning work.